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2-days Escape from Moscow with a Local (Tula Region)
Price Cost for a 2 day, 1 night plan: 400 usd / person (in a group of two people)  To check availability, pl...
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Price from
400 $
2/1 day/night
without flight
Price per tour for 1 person with standard accommodation.

Leave Moscow and visit the Tula region, primarily famous for the estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana". 

From the center of Moscow to the railway station you will get by taxi, then take a local train to Tula (2-3 hours one way). 

English-speaking local assisting you will help to take taxi when traveling around Tula region.

A visit to the Yasnaya Polyana museum (an excursion to the museum is booked in advance, please tell us dates of the arrival), a stroll around the park area where famous writer used to walk. 

Transfer to the hotel. 

We have an interesting accommodation to offer - the hotel (that is more of a modern dacha type) is located near the village of Dvoryaninovo. There is a pond and the Skniga River that flows into the Oka, the hoel is surrounded with wide fields and forests full of mushrooms and berries during the season. In the living room you can chat with guests, get to know each other, play board games or just relax, read and drink some tea. In the dining room, movie screenings on the projector and summer parties are often arranged. 

Choose what to do the next day: 

 - see the Tula Kremlin 

- visit the Polenov estate (Polenov is a Russian philanthropist, the museum-estate has a rich collection of personal items collected with taste and love). The estate is located on the picturusque banks of the Oka River 

- Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve - the largest European bison nursery, now under the protection of UNESCO.

Whatever you choose, we are sure  you will bring back bright and positive memories! 

Return to the hotel on the second day by around 18:00.


Cost for a 2 day, 1 night plan: 400 usd / person (in a group of two people) 

To check availability, please email or send a request through the "Book" form.

What is included?

The price includes:
- accompaning by a local (2 days)
- transfers along the route (Moscow-Tula region-Moscow by public transport and taxi)
- hotel accommodation, breakfast included
- admission (Museum in Yasnaya Polyana)