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Murmansk and Kola Peninsula Tour
4 days / 3 nights
Murmansk, Teriberka, Saami Village, Husky Farm, Northern Lights Hunting
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Price per tour for 1 person with standard accommodation.


Murmansk is the largest port, the base of the icebreaking fleet of Russia and the “gateway of the Arctic”. This unique city, despite the small number of historical monuments, is very beautiful and original. The main attractions here are associated with nature, numerous war memorials and, of course, the Northern lights.

During this Murmansk travel, you will see the main attractions of this severe and cold region. In one of the evenings of the package tour, we will go Northern Lights Hunting and try to see one of the most beautiful natural phenomenon.

Since seeing of Aurora Borealis highly depends on the weather, we do not give our guests a 100% guarantee on its appearance. Before the Aurora Tour, the forecast is checked and if there is any doubt, we simply do not go.

This Murmansk Vacation is not only a chance to see Murmansk in 4 days, but also take a Kola travel. It will, for sure, open the Russian North for you.

Tour program

Arrival to Murmansk.
Transfer to the hotel. Check-in

Murmansk Tour (5 hours).
Murmansk is an important industrial regional center and the largest settlement beyond the Arctic Circle. The main attractions of this city are museums showing the history the development of the Arctic.

We will visit the Monument of the Polar Region Defenders (“Alyosha”), see the Icebreaker “Lenin” - the world's first icebreaker with a nuclear power plant, we will see the cockpit of the Kursk nuclear submarine.

Then we will see the Beacon, which appeared in Murmansk not so long ago, but has already become one of the main attractions. It is dedicated to the memory of sailors who died during the peacetime. The lighthouse is a reminder of the days of waiting for those who will never return from their voyage.

At the end of the sightseeing tour, we will admire the panorama of the city and the Kola Bay.

Depending on the weather, Northern Lights Hunting excursion in the evening.

Today we will go on a trip to the Husky Village near Murmansk . The indigenous peoples of the North used them to travel across the snowy expanses. No other breed is better than the Husky in endurance.

In the kennel we will get acquainted with the breed of these dogs and play with them. During dog sledding ride, we will enjoy the views of nature, the northern forest and fresh air.

Depending on the weather, Northern Lights Hunting excursion in the evening.

Today we will take a Kola tour and go to the fishing village of Teriberka. This small village has become famous throughout Russia thanks to “Leviathan”, the Oscar-nominated film by Andrei Zvyagintsev. This place has its own unique atmosphere, its amazing strength and its harsh beauty.

We will admire magnificent views of the Arctic Ocean and the northern tundra, where there are no trees at all. We will also observe the life of local residents, see a picturesque waterfall flowing into the ocean and the sacred stone.

One of the main local attractions is the fascinating and mysterious cemetery of old wooden ships of the last century.

Depending on the weather, Northern Lights Hunting excursion in the evening.

The Sami are Finno-Ugric people, whose history is at least about three thousand years old. The population of the Russian Saami is less than two thousand people. A representative of Sami culture will tell us about customs, beliefs, traditional dwellings, as well as shamanistic rituals. We will try real northern tea from local herbs and roots, as well as a delicious cake made from real northern berries - lingonberries cooked on the hearth.

We will also see reindeer, learn about the pecularities of their breeding and lifestyle.

In the end, we will go for a sleigh ride and admire the beauty of the northern nature.

Depending on the weather, Aurora tour from Murmansk in the evening.

Transfer to the airport. Departure

Price per tour for 1 person with standard accommodation.


Number of People 5 4 3 2
Price per person 2* hotel $790 $780 $829 $924
Price per person 4* hotel $945 $929 $961 $1073

* All Prices are based on average hotel costs for adult travelers (Jan-Mar 2019). If you wish to include other services, sights in your tour or make any other changes, we will be glad to make personal calculations for you. Tell us about your special requirements in the form below.

What is included?


  • Transfer from airport to hotel and hotel to airport
  • Tickets to the Icebreaker “Lenin”
  • Snowmobiles in Teriberka to the waterfall
  • Hot tea / coffee during excursions
  • Professional photos of tourists during the Northern Lights Hunting
  • A professional photographer on the excursion the Northern Lights Hunting
  • Excursions according to the program (5 excursions)
  • Transportation according to the program
  • Breakfast, 3 lunches
  • Accommodation in 2* / 4* hotel (depending on the tour)
  • English-speaking guide on all excursions
  • Visa invitation letter

Not included

  • Flight tickets to Russia
  • Dinner
  • Medical insurance
  • Visa application fee


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