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The Heart of Sakhalin
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Sakhalin is the farthest island in Russia. A great variety of landscapes, scenic views and a unique mixture of Russian and Japanese cultures. Memories after this trip are for a lifetime!

The island has a special place in the history of our state. Prisoners were exiled here in tsarist times, fisheries flourished here, cities developed. Because of it, Russia and Japan fought, sailors shed blood here.

This is a trip to the ends of the earth, to places with amazing nature, rich in history and wonderful people. This place is where a new day is born and Russia begins.


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Tour program

Arrival in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the hotel, accommodation.

Welcome dinner at the Japanese restaurant NIHON MITAI.

Sightseeing bus tour with a guide with a visit to the Gorny Vozduh, enjoying a magnificent view of the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and the entire Susunai Valley, surrounded by hills and volcanos.

Return to the hotel. Dinner (individually).

08:00 Breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

09:00 Departure from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk by bus. Travel time: 3 hours. Distance: 135 km.

Along the way, seeing the Japanese gates of Torii in front of Shinto shrines.

A stop in the village of Vzmorye, where you can buy freshly caught crabs (boiled).

Arrival at the place. A walk along the coast (1-1.5 km one way): lagoons, grottoes, sheer cliffs, rolling waves and silence. Nature here is truly miraculous!

Lunch - Sakhalin fish soup, caviar, Far Eastern delicacies, tea.

19:00 Return to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Dinner (individually).

08:00 Breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

09:00 Departure from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk by buses or jeep. Travel time: 3 hours. Distance: 100 km. The first half of the way is a federal asphalt road, the second half is a difficult road through the pass.

Arrival. Walk along the coast (1 - 1.5 km one way) - majestic stone arches and columns created by the wind and sea waves. The most beautiful bays and grottoes.

Lunch - lunch box, caviar, Far Eastern salads, tea.

19:00 Return to the hotel. Dinner (on your own).

07:00 Breakfast in the hotel restaurant

07:30 Departure from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to the village of Novikovo by bus. Travel time: about 2.5 hours.

On the way, we will drive pass:

- Aniva Bay: Russia's first liquefied natural gas plant and Russia's first Prigorodnoye port, built specifically to service Russian and international oil tankers;

- Mount Juno, named after the Russian brig "Juno", which went to the shores of southern Sakhalin. There is an Orthodox cross nine meters high on the mountain;

Safety instructions and landing on rubber motor boats.

Travel time: 1.5 hours to Cape Aniva - the most beautiful cape of Sakhalin Island, majestic, impregnable and severe. Located nearby is the rock of Sivuchya with its Japanese lighthouse Aniva - Naka-Siretoko Misaki. Built in 1939, the lighthouse was one of the most technically complex projects of that time, not only in Japan, but in the whole world. The construction took place in extremely difficult conditions – there are strong river currents, frequent fogs and cold winds.

Lunch - lunch box, tea in the bay at Cape Marble.

On the way back, we will stop at Lake Busse to taste fresh oysters with white wine.

Lake Busse is a salty lagoon lake connected to Aniva Bay by a channel. Truly, a unique reservoir where crabs, giant oysters, sea urchins, scallops, shrimp and a variety of fish abound, including pink salmon, herring, cod and taimen.

20:00 Return to the hotel. Dinner (individually).

Breakfast in the hotel restaurant

Free day


The Victory memorial complex (on Victory Square): interactive exhibits and panoramas using various modern technologies,

the Russia-My History complex.

09:00 Breakfast in the hotel restaurant

10:00 Departure by bus to Nevelsk. Travel time: 2 hours.

Nevelsk is a small port city on the southwest coast of Sakhalin. This is one of the three towns in the world where sea lions live (April-July). The road to Nevelsk runs through the pass. From the observation platforms you can see the grandeur of island hills.

12:00 Arrival in Nevelsk. Sightseeing tour and an excursion to the museum of local lore - one of the best in Sakhalin.

13:00 Lunch in the city cafe

14:00 - 16:00 Visiting the Japanese lighthouse on Cape Lopatin. The lighthouse keeper will show you around. The lighthouse provides navigation of ships in the Tatar Strait to the ports of Nevelsk and Kholmsk.

18:00 Return to the hotel. Dinner (individually)

09:00 Breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

10:00 Departure from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk by bus. Travel time: 30 minutes (12 km) to the Vestochka Village.

Going by foot from there. Vestochka district is believed to be the energy center of Sakhalin. Rock "Frog" of the age of 20 million years is a unique natural wonder and a place of energy. Travel time along the ecological trail to the foot of the mountain is approximately 40 minutes. An amazing panoramic view opens from the top. Aniva Bay, Tunaicha Lake and Lake Izmenchivoye can be seen from there.

There is a sign: if you touch the “Frog” and make a wish, it will come true.

14:00 Return to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Lunch / Dinner (individually).

Fish market and souvenir shops.

Breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Airport transfer

Price per tour for 1 person with standard accommodation.

What is included?


  • transfer airport - hotel - airport;

  • boat rental

  • museum tickets

  • instructors / guides on all routes;

  • transport service according to the program;

  • meals according to the program;

  • accommodation at the Lotus Hotel 3 * (on your request may be changed to Gagarin 3* / Belka Hotel 3* / Mega-Palace 4*)

  • visa Invitation Letter

Not included