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The Grand Altai Tour
11 days / 10 nights
Island of Patmos, Katun River rafting, Ascat Village, Geyser Lake, the Valley of Thousand Lakes, Uchar Waterfall, Taletskoye Lake
What is included? Included Transfer from Novosibirsk / Barnaul / Gorno-Altaisk and back;...
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1 695 $
11/10 day/night
without flight
Price per tour for 1 person with standard accommodation.


Ideal tour for those who come to Altai for the first time, planning to see the magnificent world of the Grand Altai. There will be changes of scenery, rafting adventure on a rushing mountain river, horse riding and informative sightseeing program.

Then we will take an unforgettable trip along the Chui tract, considered the heart of the Altai Mountains, with its beautiful landscapes and places of power. There is the Chylishmanskoy valley, where we will hike to Uchar, the largest waterfall in Altai or to Kurkure, another impressive waterfall (which is easier to access).

The Taletskoye Lake, a real pearl of Altai will be one of the last spots of our tour. We will get across it by the speedboat “Biosphere”. No need to say, that the lake surroundings are just amazing.


1) Standart Price – 1695 USD. (Shower and toilet in the room, except for the 6th and the 7th days of travel, these days accommodation in the national dwellings (“ail”). For single occupancy +350 Euro

2) Standart Plus – 2954 RUB. (Accommodation in superior rooms at the hotels of a higher class, except for 6 and 7 days of travel, these days accommodation in national dwellings (“ail”).

General Information

Age of participants - from 5 to 70 years;

Number of people in the group 5-15.

Tour program

Arrival in Gorno-Altaisk / Barnaul / Novosibirsk

Optional: City Sightseeing Tour

Depending on the city of the arrival:

07.00: Meeting of the group at the airport of Novosibirsk and on the railway station (station Novosibirsk-Glavnyy, address: Vokzalnaya Highway-1, Marins Park Hotel).

09.00: Meeting of the group at the airport of Barnaul

08.30 and 13.30: Meeting of the group at the airport of Gorno-Altaisk.

Transfer to Altai Republic. Check-in at a picturesque hotel located on the bank of the river.

Visit to the Island of Patmos on the way. There is a beautiful monastery right in the middle of the river. From the suspension bridge, we will see the confluence of Chemal and Katun Rivers and Chemal hydroelectric station built in the 1930s. Then we will take a boat trip to see all this beauty from the water.

Night in the «Chemal district» hotel.

We will see the main river of Altai – Katun. As a start of the day, we will go rafting (with an instructor). You can chose the level of difficulty (from beginners to extreme).

Lunch in the café (not included).

Then our route lies to the “Health Stream”, a place where the locals pray to their Gods, where you will feel the strong energy of the mountains.

Dinner. Night in “Chemal District” hotel.

We will take horses early in the morning and ride along a mountain path to the height of 1800 m (4-4.5 hours). Hunders of kilometers of mountain ranges will surround us during our trip. Following the ancient Altai custom, we will build a castle for the spirits of the mountains right on the top.

For those who would like a little less activity we offer a trip to Oractical Bridge (the deepest part of the Katun River) in the picturesque valley of Sartikpai.


Our next spot is Dragon Egg or Dragon Stone, located in a very narrow gorge. We will walk along suspension path (via feratta) and admire how beatifully beams of light fall.

Dinner. Night at the “Chemal District” hotel.

Today we are going to explore Altai even more thoroughly, starting with Askat Village, which is known for artisans living there. We will see their works, have a sound therapy session of Tibetan bowls, learn how to play ethnic instruments and even form an ethnic group of our own.

Next, we will take the Chuisky Tract road, which is included in the list of 10 most beautiful roads of the world. On our way, there will be the Seminsky Pass, the Chike-Taman Pass (which is the most difficult sections of the road). However, it is worth all the difficulties, because the views from there are just stunning. We will also find an ancient abandoned path, which, many centuries ago, was the the tradepath to Mongolia. From here, we will see the confluence of the Chui and the Katun rivers. The largest monument of cave art “Kalbak-Tash” (about 5000 cave drawings) is also located there.

Dinner. Night in the “Nomad Hotel”, or “Rasul Hotel”.

Today we will go the the mountain lakes and admire the springs, forming bizarre patterns. Then our route goes to the North-Chuisky, the highest range of the Altai. The peaks here are covered with constant snow.

Then we will visit a unique object Altai Mars, with its surreal landscapes. It totally gives a feeling of walking on the red planet. Then we all with go rafting the Chuya River, which is one of the most popular rivers of Altay among sportsmen.


Night at the hotel “Nomad” / hotel “Rasul”.

Today our route lies along a narrow gorge between the rocks towards the Altai border with Tuva and Khakassia. On our way we will visit the Red Gate, the Mercury Lake, Lake Kidelyu, and Ulagansky Pass.


After lunch, we will see the Pazyryk Barrows, a valley where noble Pazyryks were buried. Some graves here are more than 2500 years old. According to the legend, the place has the most powerful energy of the Earth. That is why not everyone was allowed to come here. The Katu – Yaryk viewing platform will give us the most incredible views of the Altai Mountains and water steams flowing down from the rocks.

After that, we will take a walk down the serpentine road to the camp.

Dinner. Katu Yaryk hostel (national dwellings “ail”)

Not only the waterfall itself is beautiful, but also the road there. A montain trekking of 9 km (one way) along the mountain path will take almost the whole day (prepare a pair of comfortable shoes).

We do not recommend taking this tour to those, who suffer from candiovascular deseases, physical and mental deseases, fear of heights or injuries. For those tourists the excursion may be replaced with a simpler route – a walk to the Curcura Falls or just a rest in the camp.

Russian Banya (sauna) in the evening. Night in the national dwellings (“ail”).

Today we will see an amazing nature’s creation – Stone Mushrooms at the Ak-Korum Tract. We will also admire the fascinating landscapes of the River Chulyshman valley and the Teletsky Lake, one of the deepest lakes in the world.

 Then we will take a ship and move across the longest part of the lake (78 km). There will be picturesque waterfalls on the way, and a place where the meteorite fell.

 Night in Manul-Kel Hotel (double rooms).

Today we will have some rest on the shore of one of the cleanest and deepest lake in the world. Additionally, you can go to the observation deck, with stunning views of the Lake Teletskoye opening from there. You may also take a funicular to the Mound Kokuya or just have some rest at the lakeshore.

As for the planned activities, you will see a national dwelling – ail, find out about the customs of the local people and taste the national food.

Farewell dinner.

Night in Manul-Kel Hotel (double room).

You will have some free time in the morning to buy souvenirs and prepare for the way back. On our way back, in the city of Gorno-Altaisk, we will stop near the Republican Museum. Inside are various archeological artifacts as well as the mummy of the famous “Ukok Princess”. As an option, you can take a walk aroud the city or try national cuisine of Altai in the “Typography” restaurant.

Transfer to the city of Gorno-Altaisk / g. Barnaul / g. Novosibirsk.

Arrival in Gorno-Altaisk: 15.30 (local time, +4 hours Moscow time). Accommodation in hotel «Igman».

Arrival in Barnaul: 19.30 (local time, +4 hours Moscow time). Accommodation in hotel «Airport».

Arrival in Novosibirsk: 23.00 (local time, +4 hours Moscow time). Accommodation in hotel «Airport».

Price per tour for 1 person with standard accommodation.

What is included?


  • Transfer from Novosibirsk / Barnaul / Gorno-Altaisk and back;

  • Horse ride;

  • Russian banja (sauna) - 2 times;

  • Guides;

  • Entrance fees to all excursion objects, except for those which are additional/optional;

  • Ship, the Lake Teletskoye;

  • Rafting, the river Katun;

  • All excursions according to the program, except for those which are additional / optional;

  • Accommodation according to chosen tarif - 9 nights (double room or 3/4/5 people in a room upon request);

  • Meals - 10 breakfasts + 10 dinners + 10 lunches;

  • Transportation according to the program;

  • Visa invitation letter

Not included

Extra Charge

  • Antler baths - 35 euro./1 reception

  • Photo shoots - from 100 euros per shooting day.

  • Herbal tea degustation + lecture on herbs - from 20 euros per person

  • Throat singing concert - from 50 euros perperson

  • Meeting with shamans, a ceremony (3.5 hours) - 100 euro per person