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Belukha Mountain. Following the Expedition of N.Roerich
13 days / 12 nights
Belukha Mountain, River Katun rafting, horse riding, Kucherlin Lake, Akkemsky Lake, Valley of Edelweiss
What is included? Included Transfer from Novosibirsk / Barnaul / Gorno-Altaisk and back;...
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Price per tour for 1 person with standard accommodation.

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The tour to the highest point of Siberia - Belukha Mountain (4509 m). Belukha is considered a holy place. According to legends, this is the place, where the entrance to the legendary country -Shambhala, or Belovodye is located.

We will take a stunningly beautiful and intense route to the energy center of Altai, the Valley of Seven Lakes and to the Valley of Yarlu (“the city of the sun”).


Price:  $1551 per person 

General Information

Type of tour - car / hiking;

Duration 12 days / 11 nights;

Nuber of people in the group: 6-15 people;

Service - 2 guides, 2-3 horse breeders;

Level: suitable for physically trained people;

Age restrictions: from 12 years old, from 12 to 18 years old - accompanied by adults;

Cargo on the route - on horseback.

Tour program

06.00-15.00: Meeting at the airport of Novosibirsk.

08.00-15.00: Meeting at the airport of Barnaul.

08.30-11.00: Meeting at the airport of Gorno-Altaisk. Breakfast.

Breakfast. Transfer to the tourist base.

The road goes along the famous Chuysky Tract. We will visit the Museum of Cosmonautics of German Titov, he was the first to make a long space flight. The Museum is situated in the village where he studied (a tour available only for tourists arriving in Novosibirsk and Barnaul).

Arrival at the tourist base, accommodation, lunch.

Then we will go rafting the River Katun. You can select the level of difficulty (from beginners to experienced. After rafting together we will certainly know each other better.

19.30 - 21.30: Dinner.

Night in the Altika Hotel.


Today, we will got to the wildest and highest mountain region. Here the Old Believers live, who fled from the reforms of Central Russia in the 16th century. It was here that the expedition of N. Roerich headed in the search of Shambhala.

Our trekking will begin in the town of Belukha. We will cross Seminsky, Kyrlyksky and Yabogansky passes and see the most magnificent views of valleys and colorful meadows. In the afternoon, we will visit the N. Roerich Museum, the Old Believers Museum.

Dinner. Instructions for the next day. Night at the Kamza Base.

08.00 - 09.00. Breakfast Instructions. Arrival to the start of the path and a horse ride alond the river Kucherla (15 km). The total length of the Kuchera River is about 50 km, there will be many mountain ranges and gorges on the way, forming a continuous chain of complex rapids. Today is the day unhurried and aesthetic pleasure from magnificent views that will open before our eyes. The night in tents on the bank of the steam.

07.00-09.00: Breakfast, gathering camp.

Today we will climb to enjoy marvelous views from the tops of the mountain ranges.

In the afternoon we will see the Lake Kucherlinsk (over 2 300 m) and cross under the Kara-Turek Pass to get to the camp. In good weather, you can see the Milky Way, dozens of falling meteors.

Night at the “Stone hut”

07.00-08.00: Breakfast, the collection of the camp.

Today we will overcome the most difficult part of the route - the Kara - Turek Pass, 3060 m, which offers a magnificent panoramic view of Belukha Mountain and the endless peaks of the Katunsky Range. Descent to the lake Akkemsky.

Night at the campsite. Farewell with the horses.

08.30-09.30: Breakfast.

The rest day. Rest in the vally of the Seven Lakes. Those are transparent lakes, full of myths and legends. According to the tradition, one should swim in each of them.

Night in a tent on the territory of the camping (2-3 people in a tent).

06.00-07.00: Breakfast, preparation for the exit.

Today we will go to the foot of the mountain of Belukha, into a realm of stones, ice, caves and the famous Ak-Kem glacier. On our way, there will be a chapel of the Archangel Michael.

Night in the camp.

08.30-09.30: Breakfast

Today we will go to the city of the Sun - the valley of Yarlu, or the valley of Edelweiss, as it is also called. It is a powerful place for energy, with the white river and the cleanest waterfalls - this place will not leave anyone indifferent.

Today is our last evening on the lake Ak-kem. Russian Banja.

Night in a tent.

06.30-08.00: breakfast

Descent along the river Ak-Kem, which means “white river” in Turkish. The river originates from the Ak-Kem glacier and carries in its waters small pieces of stone lime from the slopes of Belukha. On our way, there are several difficult sections of the route over the mountain river.

Overnight on the mountainside, next to the creek.

Night in a tent.

Accommodation: campground, 2-3 people in a tent

07.00-08.30: Breakfast, gathering camp.

Trekking along the river Akkem. At the famous camp «Three Birches» (if the weather is fine) we will board the GAZ-66 trucks.

The ascent to the Kuzuyak pass (altitude 1513 m). There will be several shaman trees hung with ribbons - diaalma. Descent to the village of Tungur.

Night at the Kamza Hotel. Festive dinner in the cafe. Bathhouse

07.00 - 07.40: Breakfast (complex)

08.00 - 15.00: Transfer to the settlement of Tungur - “Altika” hotel. On our way – a check for souvenirs at the Seminsky Pass. Walk through the cedar grove

15.00 - 19.00: Free time at the camp site, rest. Optionally we can offer local excursions (Tavdinsky caves, apiary, Kamyshlinsky waterfall, Lake Manzherok)

19.00-21.30: Farewell dinner at the restaurant.

Night in the “Altika Hotel”

07.00 - 10.00: Breakfast

07.20 - 08.10: Transfer to the airport of Gorno-Altaisk (40 km).

09.00 - 13.30: Transfer to the airport of Barnaul (280 km)

09.00 - 16.00: Transfer to the airport of Novosibirsk (480 km).

Price per tour for 1 person with standard accommodation.

What is included?


  • Transfer from Novosibirsk / Barnaul / Gorno-Altaisk and back;

  • A special pass to the border area;

  • Insurance, the amount of coverage up to 1 million rubles;

  • Crossing Lake Acquem;

  • Rafting on the Katun River;

  • Entrance fees according to the program;

  • Horse rental - 3 days travel;

  • Bathhouse - 3 times;

  • Equipment rental (tents, bag bags, campfire equipment, awning, sleeping bags, mats);

  • Dinners: 3 dinners in the café, 7 dinners – field kitchen;

  • Lunches: 2 lunches in the café, 6 lunches - lunchboxes, 2 lunches - field kitchen hot lunches;

  • Breakfasts: 5 breakfasts in the café, 6 breakfasts – field kitchen;

  • Horse breeders - 2-3 horse breeders;

  • English-speaking guides and instructors - 2 people - 11 days;

  • Transfer to the Elan camp - 15 km;

  • Accommodation at the campsite near Belukha - 4 nights (tents in the equipped area);

  • Accommodation at the camp sites - 3 nights (double room, shower and toilet in the room);

  • Visa invitation letter

Not included