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Altai Overview Tour. Shavlinsky lakes (horse riding)
11 days / 10 nights
Karakolskaya Valley, Uch Enmek Natural Park, Geyser Lake, Altai Mars, Shavlinsky Lakes
What is included? Included Transfer from Novosibirsk \ Barnaul \ Gorno-Altaysk and back;...
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Price per tour for 1 person with standard accommodation.

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The tour goes around one of the most beautiful places on the Earth - Gorny Altai.

Breathtaking views of the local nature attract travelers from all over the world. You will take a sightseeing tour to this wonderful land and take a hike to one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in Altai - Shavlinsky.

The names of the mountain peaks surrounding these lakes speak for themselves! Tale, Dream and Beauty Peaks are the main destinations of the tour. The route lies along the mountain rivers, through alpine meadows and passes. You will visit many outstanding places on the way, as well go rafting along the Chuya river, visit the valley of Chulyshmanskaya, Kalbak-Tash rock painting complex, the famous Altai Mars, and see one of the most beautiful roads of the World - the Chuysky Road.

Tour program

Flight to one of the Russian cities: Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Gorno-Altaysk.

If you plan to arrive in advance, we can arrange an additional city tour for you (please, book in advance).

05.15: Meeting the group at the airport of the city of Novosibirsk

07.00: Meeting the group at the airport of the city of Barnaul.

07.50-08.50: Departure from Gorno-Altaysk + breakfast in the cafe

08.50-13.50: Transfer to Altay Republic with an English-speaking guide 

13.50-14.40: Lunch at the Café. Here you may try local dishes – “maral” (deer) and “Kharius” (fish).

14.40-17.30: Next, we will continue the journey along the Chuisky tract (listed as one of the 5 most beautiful roads in the world), overcome the famous pass - Seminskiy, and make a stop at the market. Then we will get into one of the most mysterious places of Altai - the Karakol valley.

19.00-21.00: Dinner (tasting dishes of national cuisine), acquaintance with the national Ail- house, throat-singing show.

Night at the Uch Enmek Hotel, shower and toilet on the floor

08.00-09.00: Breakfast

09.00-11.00: Sightseeing tour of the archaeological and cultural monuments of the Natural Park Uch Enmek, the place of great importance to the people of the Altai.

Here, over the centuries, locals do many different shamanistic rituals, and Uch Enmek Mount is the second in importance (after Mount Belukha). Archaeologists from all over the world come here to discover unusual ancient structures. Altaians believe that people who came to these places with pure thoughts leave here with the tripled force of love and kindness.

11.00-19.00: We will continue the journey along the Chuisky Road through the Chike-Taman pass (1460 m) and the rocky shores of Bolshoi Yaloman.

Lunch-picnic near the Big Yaloman River. In the Yin village - visit Tsaplinsky bridge and the elder stone sculptures. Next, we will stop at the place of power at the confluence of the Chui and Katun rivers, see the rock paintings (more than 7000 petroglyphs of various eras). You will have enough time to explore places, make photos, observe local birds and fauna.

19.00 – 20.30: Dinner.

The night at the Hotel “Nomad”

08.00-09.00: Breakfast

09.00-15.30: After breakfast we will go to “Altai Mars”, where rocks of red and yellow colors form weird patterns. These colors give the landscape some sort of a cosmic look. From here we will go hiking to the mountains, look for the remains of ancient shells and have a pictic.

16.00-18.30: Rafting Chuya river. Optional (Price 1500 roubles for rafting + 500 rubles for special thermo gear).

19.00-21.30: Dinner

Preparation for the trip to the mountains.

Night in the Hotel “Nomad”

07.00-07.30: Breakfast

07.30-08.30: Getting instructions

08.30-09.10: Group transfer by car to the beginning of the route

09.10: Horse riding to the river Oroy. Starting from the Chuya River, the trail goes to the plateau, to the height of 1700 m, with the stunning views of the North –Chuya Range opening from there.

Lunch (snacks) on the way.

18.00: Dinner, evening gatherings around the campfire.

Night in the tent-camp near the Shabaga River.

08.00-08.30: Breakfast

09.30-17.00: Transfer to the lower Shavlinsky Lake. The trail goes to the floodplane of the River Shavla, among the trees, there is often marshi soil underfoot. There will be a steep ascent to the lake (about 1983 m above sea level).

17.00-19.00: Russian sauna, swimming in the icy lake.

19.00: Festive dinner, the rite of fulfillment of desires in front of a large fire.

 Night in the camp (two people per a tent)

09.00-10.00: Breakfast

10.30-17.00: A trip to the Upper Shavlinsky Lake (2500 m above sea level). A narrow path goes along the valley between the mountains. Mountain gians – the peaks of Dreams, Beauty and Fairy Tales will be aroud us.

19.00: Dinner. Swimming in the lake.

Night in the camp (two people per a tent)

08.30-09.30: Breakfast

10.30-16.00: Hiking to the mountain top. Here a stunning view of the Lower and the Upper Shavlinskoe Lakes, surrounded by peaks and rivers will open before your eyes.

16.00-19.00: Free time. Russian banya

19.00-22.00: Dinner. The final evening on the Shavlinsky lakes.

 Night in the camp (two people per a tent)

07.00-07.30: Breakfast

08.30-18.00: Today we will take a long way back along the rivers to the stop on the Shabaga river.

19.00: Dinner, rest by the fire

Night in the camp (two people per a tent)

08.00-08.30: Breakfast

09.30-16.00: Trekking to the Oroy pass and descent to Chibit village

16.00: Accommodation at the campsite, rest

19.00-22.00: Festive dinner. Russian sauna

Night in the hotel “Nomad”.

07.00-08.00: Breakfast

08.00-12.00: Return transfer to the most beautiful and picturesque part of the Chui tract

12.00-13.00: Lunch

13.00-14.00: Stop at the souvenir market


14.00-15.00: Transfer to Gorno-Altaysk. Night at the hotel «Igman». Dinner in the café

14.00-19.00: Transfer to Barnaul with some stops for photo shooting and birds-watching. Night at the hotel “Airport”. Dinner in the cafe.

14.00-23.00: Transfer to Novosibirsk. Dinner in the cafe. Night at the hotel “Airport”.

Price per tour for 1 person with standard accommodation.

What is included?


  • Transfer from Novosibirsk \ Barnaul \ Gorno-Altaysk and back;

  • Insurance

  • Rental of personal equipment (backpack, sleeping bag, mat, trekking sticks);

  • Rental of group equipment (tents, awnings, campfire equipment, other equipment);

  • Russian banya (sauna) - 2 times;

  • Meals (10 dinners)

  • Meals (10 lunches);

  • Meals (10 breakfasts);

  • Accommodation at the hostel - 5 nights (double occupancy);

  • Horse breeders – 2-3 people;

  • Horse rental;

  • The cook and the tour leader;

  • English-speaking tour guides – 1-2 people;

  • All excursions, according to the program tour + entrance tickets;

  • Visa invitation letter

Not included