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5 hour
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We will go to a traditional reindeer grazing area with a lifestyle that has not changed for more than a century. Local people keep and cherish their folklore and distinct traditions and still prefer to wear old fashioned Lappish clothes. You can still notice those small cozy houses with the reindeer fur (Kuvaksa) covering the floor inside.

You will have a chance to enjoy Saami traditional rituals, drink northern tea with traditional pies.


  • The reindeer farm
  • Meeting with a representative of the Sami culture, who will tell about the Saami, their customs, beliefs
  • A sacred Sami stone which has a secret mystical power
  • We will drink a real northern tea made of local herbs and roots, as well as try a delicious pie with real northern berries
  • A snowmobile ride in order to explore the beautiful surroundings
  • Traditional Sami dwellings


Number of People 5 4 3 2 1
Price per person $107 $107 $119 $135 $245

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