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4-8 hour
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Aurora Borealis (also known as Northern Lights) is an astonishing and rare phenomenon which creates incredible colored patterns on the night sky in the regions of deep north. Those who live on Kola Peninsula can regularly enjoy this wonderful light show which may last a couple of minutes or play in the night sky for days. In the period from August to April, there might be more than 150 appearances of Northern Lights.

“Aurora hunting” is an exciting experience where you can witness this natural miracle with your own eyes. With a bit of luck, clear cloudless sky and accurate Aurora Borealis forecast, tourists might catch what local people call the "Glimpse of fortune".

The tour starts from Murmansk. We will take you to the out-of-city locations in order to make sure that no city lights bother to enjoy the light phenomenon. Once the program is over, we will take you back to hotel doors.  


  • 1 trip on one of the evenings, but it is better to stay 3 to 4 days in Murmansk (at least 3 full nights) so that we can choose the best day to hunt,
  • professional photographs with the Northern Lights in the background,
  • Since this is a natural phenomenon, we do not give our guests a 100% guarantee on its appearance, but we will do our best to see it,
  • Tea and snacks during the excursion. 


Number of People 5 4 3 2 1
Price per person $140 $140 $160 $180 $360

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