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Our guide on a car or a minibus will meet you and take you for an excursion to the center of Murmansk where you will be able to watch how the city life goes. You will hear the facts about the city’s history and look at the most memorable places over the past 100 years.

Among the sights are the memorial called “Alyosha” and incredible monument dedicated to the Defenders of the Arctic –a 34 meter tall structure installed in 1974 as which depicts a watchman holding a rifle. It stands on the hill and therefore can be seen from any location of the city. Harbors offer the best views for taking memorable pictures.


  • A monument to the Defenders of the Arctic (Alyosha)
  • Icebreaker "Lenin" (which is now a museum) - the world's first icebreaker with a nuclear power plant
  • A relic monument “Mutton Forehead”, which is more than 2.5 billion years old (in summer)
  • The cockpit of the nuclear submarine "Kursk"
  • A lighthouse memorial dedicated to the sailors who died in peacetime
  • The embankment of the non-freezing Kola Bay
  • A beautiful panoramic view of the city and Kola Bay


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