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9 hour
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Enjoy the wonderful tour to the center of Khibiny mountain range with their cold beauty as well as the iceless rivers and wonderful forests covered with white blanket of crystal clean snow. To complete this idyllic polar picture you will take a 20 minutes ride on a snowmobile.

 Having arrived to Kirovsk, we will visit the Snow Village. It is a gorgeous structure created purely of natural materials – only ice and snow. Here, you will find marvelous ice castles, snow figures, pictures and entertaining mazes made of ice. It is a fairytale land of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden who are always ready to meet their guests..


  • A visit to the observation deck of the Komsomolsky career
  • Aykuivenchorr Mountain
  • The cities of Apatity and Kirovsk
  • The Museum of Mineralogy in Kirovsk with a rich collection of stones and minerals from around the world
  • A walk to the valley of the Khibiny mountains
  • Snow Village
  • Snowmobile ride, 20 minutes


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