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7 hour
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There is a legend that the Kuril Lake is the result of a conflict between the forces of nature. Once upon a time, there was a Mount Vysokaya (“High”) here. The mountain was so huge that it closed the Sun to the mountains nearby, this provoked frequent quarrels. Finally, they all were so tired that the Mountain Vysokaya rose and proudly went into the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. A picturesque lake appeared on the place where the mountain left its heart.

The warm heart continues to warm volcanoes, rivers and springs for many kilometers around. Now a variety of animals, fish and birds live here. They feel free even in the presence of people, allowing us to admire them.

During the tour, we will stop at the caldera of the ancient volcano Ksudach. Swimming in the thermal springs of the volcano Hodutka will make this amazing day even more amazing.


  • Kuril Lake;

  • Khodutkinsky hot springs;

  • Ksudach volcano.

Tour Program

09:00 - departure to the heliport, registration, meeting with the guide

10:00 - departure to the Kuril Lake

11:20 - arrival, tea drinking, walking excursion program, observation of bears and salmon, a motor boat trip in the lake (depends on the weather conditions)

14:20 - flight to the caldera of the volcano Ksudach, landing at Lake Klyuchevoy, walking excursion program

16:00 - departure to the Khodutkinsky hot springs, swimming in a hot river, lunch

17:30 - return to the heliport

18:00 – end of the tour.

Price: $770 per person (group tour)

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