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7 hour
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There is a belief that the Dragons that lived on our planet in ancient times felt offended at people, who invented matches, and flew to Kamchatka. They dug burrows in the valley, and still live there, releasing steam to the surface. You never know what miracles await you in the Valley of Geysers.

Every person should visit this unique place at least once in his life. In a small area there are many natural phenomena, many of which can’t be found anywhere else in the world. For example, a new mineral forming right before our eyes, or the most ancient microorganisms of the planet.

The most exciting thing is that you can see active volcanoes, picturesque views and a bright turquoise lake from the window of a helicopter. Lunch in the Nalychevo Valley and swimming in the healing thermal springs will be the perfect end to the day.


  • Valley of Geysers;

  • Natural Park;

  • Uzon volcano caldera Nalychevo;

  • Maly Semyachik volcano;

  • Karymsky volcano.

Tour Program

09:00 - group gathering

09:15 - departure by bus to the heliport, registration of participants

10:00 - departure to the Valley of Geysers, flying around the craters of the active volcanoes of Karymsky and Small Semyachik

11:20 - arrival in the Valley of Geysers, tea, a walking tour to the active geysers, boiling mud cauldrons

14.20 --- flight to the caldera of Uzon volcano, walking excursion program

16:00 - flight to the Nalychevo Natural Park, swimming in the springs (when landing on the base of the Zhupanova River - swimming in the springs and fishing), lunch

17:30 - return to the heliport, departure

18:30 – end of the tour

Price: $840 per person (group tour)

*Please send us a request to check availability for your dates.