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Sights to see 22.09.2020
Elton Lake
The Volgograd Region has its own "Dead Sea". This is a salt lake called Elton, which is striking in its beauty. The pink surface, snow-white shores and salt crystals are mesmerizing and seem unreal.

People come here to escape from the daily hustle and bustle, improve their health, wander around the neighborhood and get plenty of fresh air.

In terms of surface area (152 sq. km) Elton ranks first among the salt lakes in Europe. But its depth is not impressive: in spring it reaches 1.5-2 m, in summer - no more than 7 cm. In the hottest periods, large areas of the lake dry up, leaving behind a dense crust of salt crystals sparkling in the sun.

A single-celled algae, adapted to the harsh living conditions, lives and reproduces in the lake. In summer, it gives water a pinkish tint.
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