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Sights to see 17.08.2019
Ural Mountains
Russia is not only big cities, buildings, museums and squares. If you want to appreciate the beauty of the enormous territory of Russian Federation - your path lies to Ural.

The Chusovaya River flows in the Northern Urals. The length of the river is 592 km and its known for its indescribable views.

Here, you have the opportunity to go by sea from Asia, through the Ural mountains, to Europe within a few days.

The main decorations of the river are numerous rocks, so-called stones, which made the river a popular tourist object of Ural. Many rocks are protected by the state as monuments of nature. In some stones there are caves and grots.

The Chusovaya River is the most popular tourist route, an ideal river for rafting, especially for beginners and inexperienced tourists.

You can raft in spring, summer or the beginning of autumn. There are no serious barriers (riffles, blockages) on the river.

During the summer season, several thousands of tourists pass through the Chusovaya river: on catamarans, rubber boats, kayaks.

Now the raft season is already over, but you can take a look at the photos, perhaps, this type of holiday is what you are looking for the next summer trip.

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