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Sights to see 04.09.2019
The Udmurt Republic
The Udmurt Republic lies in the northwestern part of the Urals. The area of ​​the republic is a little more than 42 thousand

Udmurtia has 403 monuments of architecture, history and culture under state protection.

Here are the most attractive tourist spots:
- Nechkinsky National Park

- Monuments of nature
Among the natural monuments located on the territory of the national park, one can distinguish the landscape tracts “Sidorov Hills” and “Galevo”, theSiva River, the Kemulskoye swamp and the Makarovsky mineral spring.

- Museum of P.I. Tchaikovsky in Votkinsk
Here in 1840 the future great composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was born. The pilgrimage site of many thousands of people from all over the country was an old house with a mezzanine on the banks of the factory pond, where the Tchaikovsky family lived. It is a museum now.

- Music festivals in Votkinsk
Big music festivals, which are held every year in May days (Pyotr Ilyich was born on May 7), have become traditional. The largest concerts and symphony orchestras take part in festival concerts.

- Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Idnakar"
It includes the territory of a unique ancient settlement of Finno-Ugric tribes of the 9th-13th centuries. By visiting the museum, you will get acquainted with the life of the ancestors of modern Udmurts.

- Ski resort
On the outskirts of the Nechkinsk National Park, 40 km from Izhevsk, right in the middle of the southern taiga, you can visit a ski resort! The modern ski resort, framed by beautiful places, has excellent, varying degrees of difficulty tracks with a vertical drop of 115 meters (the longest track is up to 1.5 km). You will go upstairs on an Austrian 4-seater chairlift, enjoying a wonderful panorama view.

- Architectural attractions
Among the architectural sights there are many Orthodox churches of the late XVIII - early XX centuries, Muslim mosques and prayers. All these monuments tell about the religious life of the multinational population of the republic for centuries.

There are many places in Udmurtia worth visiting. But most importantly: you will be greeted by friendly hosts and an unforgettable experience.
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