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Sights to see 23.08.2019
Kyn Village
Let’s plunge deeper into the history of the Russian hinterland and today we will speak about the village of Kyn.

Translated from the Komi-Permyak the word "Kyn" means "frozen", "cold." Apparently, this name is given because the village is located in a valley between the mountains, where cold air stagnates.

The second name of the village is “Golden bottom”. So warmly, with tenderness the locals call their native village. The thing is, there were golden mines here long ago.

1759 was considered the year of the foundation of Kyn, when Count Stroganov began building iron factories in these places. Ivan the Terrible presented the lands to the Stroganov family.

First of all, three dams were built on the Kyn River (tributary of the Chusovaya river). So, the falling waters could set in motion factory’s mechanisms.

The workers were serfs: the count moved here serfs from two villages belonging to him, previously located on the Kama River. A year later, there were about a hundred houses.

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