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Sights to see 17.08.2019
Torzhok Town
If you happen to be in Tver Oblast in Russia, visiting Torzhok is certainly worth an effort.

The history of this small town between Moscow and St. Petersburg began in 1139. Looking around makes you feel like you are far away from two huge megapolises. Russian tsars, great poets and legendary artists appreciated its beauty and often stayed here.

If you are fond of literature, you should see the local Pushkin Museum, which occupies an ancient wooden building. Inside you will find clothing, furniture and books owned by the famous Russian poet. This helps to get a clear view of what the life was like those days. All-Russian museum of history and ethnography will help to complete this knowledge.

Archangel Michael Church and Borisoglebsky Monastery are two major religious masterpieces of Torzhok. The monastery’s bell tower has a sightseeing deck on the top. The view from there is unforgettable.

However, what is the most important in Torzhok is the atmosphere of Russian province. Clear air, ancient buildings, beautiful landscape and simplicity of local life will help anyone to calm down and clear the mind.

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