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Sights to see 26.08.2019
Okovetsky key
The "Okovetsky key" spring, the holy source of the "Okovetsky" icon of the Mother of God at the village of Okovets.

The spring consecrated in honor of the Okovetskaya (Rzhevskaya) icon of the Mother of God is located on the bend of the Pyrshnya River, on the left bank, 1.4 km northeast of the village of Okovtsy, Selizharovsky District, Tver Region. The holy spring is equipped.

Every year, thousands of pilgrims flock to the Okovetsky holy spring. Spring water is knocked out of the ground from a depth of more than 900 meters all year round, and it is always cold - 4 degrees heat.

An open font and a chapel were built at the source, where services and water sanctuaries are held. Believers plunge headlong into the blessed water in the hope of regaining health and gaining strength.

Visitors to the holy spring drink delicious healing water, many take home blessed water in bottles and other containers. However, empty containers can be bought on the spot.

An analysis of the waters of the Okovetsky Key in the mineral water testing laboratory of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, showed a source of the healing properties of water is one of the rare in the world.

With the blessing of Metropolitan Tversky and Kashinsky Victor, a few years ago, the production of bottled medicinal water “Okovetsky source”, which is bottled at a factory in the nearby village of Okovtsy, have been established. Water "Okovetsky source" is sold not only in the Tver region, but it is popular everywhere.

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