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Sights to see 21.08.2019
Unknown Towns of Russia: Kimry
In big city you feel like a grain of sand in the sea. Houses that obscure the sky, people scurrying along the streets, roads flooded with cars. On the contrary, in small towns, you can feel the charm of the province, see more sky, breathe fresh air, hear silence.

One of such towns is Kimry. It is not so far away from Moscow - only 130 km away. But what a stark contrast! Narrow streets, wooden houses in the Art Nouveau style, merchant buildings of the central streets. Unfortunately, now the city is not in its best condition, there is a great contrast between the wealth of the past and the poverty of the present. However, there is something to see and learn.

The population of Kimry was mainly engaged in shoemaking, due to the favorable geographical position: the cattle tract passed by, affordable cattle were carried along the Volga. In the time of Peter I, the best shoemakers were sent to Kimry, who set up footwear production for the army.

The modern city of Kimry has not lost the glory of the shoe center of Russia. About 60 thousand people live in the city nowdays. Many of them work at the local shoe factory.

Kimry Museum of Local Lore was opened after reconstruction in 1981 and shows the rich history of the region. The museum's shoe collection is one of the richest in the country. Kimrsky District is also the birthplace of the outstanding Soviet aircraft designer A.N. Tupolev. There is a whole room in the museum dedicated to him.

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