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Sights to see 21.08.2019
Ancient Cities of Russia: Kalyazin Town
On the high bank, right where Zhabnya River flows into the Volga, stands the small ancient town of Kalyazin, known since the 12th century.

In 1940, after the decision to create the Uglich reservoir, its entire historical center went under the water, along with the ancient Trinity Monastery and Nikolsky Cathedral. The cathedral bell tower rising in the middle of the river is all that remains of the flooded part of the city.

The reservoir has not only changed the face of the city, it also became a convenient place for shipping. Volga beauty attracts many yachtsmen and outdoor enthusiasts. In the Kalyazin yacht club, you can rent a motor catamaran, a boat or a jet ski.

The former main street of old Kalyazin - Moskovskaya (Karl Marx) leads straight to the river. There are ancient houses that survived the flooding due to the fact that the end of the street is quite high. Long time ago, the street started in the town square near the Nikolsky Cathedral. The beginning of the street was destroyed as well as the cathedral itself.

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