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Sights to see 17.08.2019
Ivanovka Village
Agritourism is becoming a popular trend in Russia. City residents go to rural areas to relocate and enjoy silence and fresh air, learning about the rural life and its traditions.

One of such sights is "Ivanovka" in Tver Oblast. Founded in 2007 as the Museum of Tver Goat it has now grown into the natural entertainment center and a farm with real goats, geese, racoons, hens and rabbits.

There are several guest houses and pavillions on the territory of the farm, as well as a bungee jumping, rope bridges and a small climbing wall.

Having started their business with organized groups and theme events, Ivanov family now receive individual tourists as well.

There are different entaintainment programs for each time of the year, with traditional dancing, story telling, quizes and competitions, Russian home cooked food.

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