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Sights to see 21.08.2019
Health Complex "Tetkovo"
On the right bank of the quiet river Medveditsa, a tributary of the Volga, 32 km from Kashin and 120 km from the city of Tver, there is a health complex "Tetkovo".

The place is curious because you feel here like you are in the times of the Soviet Union. Probably, that is a reason, why the shootings of many historacal films are held here.

The main building built in the 1970s of grey concrete. Other buildings in Tetkovo are wooden. Some are old, built in 1930s, some are rather modern.

The former "dacha" of M. I. Kalinin (a Soviet politician) is also situated here. The house is built by the masters without a single nail. The whole house can also be rented.

The most outstanding building in Tetkovo is the carved wooden house of the local club, which looks like it comes from some fairy-tale. Here you can find exhibits of both the royal past and the Soviet period of history - busts of leaders, old furniture.

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