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Sights to see 26.08.2019
Temple of all religions in Kazan
The Temple of All Religions in Kazan is a unique temple, which combines all major world religions together. Here you will see elements of an Orthodox and a Catholic church, a Muslim mosque, a Jewish synagogue, a Buddhist temple, and a Chinese pagoda — all in one place!

The project was started in 1994 by an artist Ildar Khanov and continues to evolve until today.

The temple does not function as a church (no services are held there), it is more of a museum and cultural center. It also houses an art gallery, a concert hall, and an art school.

Naturally, the bright and colorful ‘all religions in one place’ temple arouses a lot of controversy. Some people think of the project as ‘great’ and ‘amazing’ while others ‘don’t understand the idea’ or, even worse, call the temple ‘an awful place’ which has more to do with a Disneyland than with a spiritual ground.

Anyway, it is a very popular tourist attraction and is definitely worth seeing! The temple is located outside of Kazan but can be easily reached by bus or Uber taxi. The entrance fee is 100 rubles and you can join a guided tour for 350-500 rubles.

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