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Sights to see 26.08.2019
Syumbike Tower in Kazan
Suyumbike watchtower belongs to the Kazan Kremlin complex. It stands out from all the other buildings and is really something to see!

For one thing, Suyumbike has a noticeable tilt to the north-east and therefore is a leaning tower like the famous Tower of Pisa. For another, it is huge — 58 meters high — around three meters taller than the Pisa counterpart! And, finally, it has the most interesting history!

The history of Suyumbike Tower dates back to the 16th century when, according to the legend, it was built in just seven days (hence the tilt). Why the rush? Such was the condition on which empress Suyumbike agreed to marry tsar Ivan the Terrible — to build a tower in seven days. Obviously, she hoped that it would be impossible to do. So, when the tower was built, she killed herself by jumping out of it! It may just be a legend, but isn’t it beautiful?

Suyumbike Tower has seven levels and is crowned with a golden ‘apple’ with a half-moon resting on it. Come at night when it is mysteriously lit by a green light and looks amazing!

Unfortunately, you can’t go inside the tower, but it is still definitely worth a look at!

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