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Sights to see 23.08.2019
Lenin House Museum in Kazan
Opened in 1937, the Lenin House Museum is one the oldest museums in Kazan. Although Lenin and his family lived in the house for nine months only (from late 1888 to early 1889), it was there that the political views of the proletarian leader actually formed. During the period, young Lenin (then Ulyanov) took a strong interest in the Marxist philosophy which eventually led to the October Revolution and changed the course of Russian history.

The Lenin House represents a typical wooden estate of the late 19th century Russian intellectual class. The exposition includes Lenin’s authentic belongings, such as documents, photographs and books (including that very Marx’s Capital!) that help learn about Lenin’s biography and get an idea of what life was like in Kazan in the late 19th century.

The museum offers various guided tours some of which are held in the form of costume shows. There are also multilingual audio guides available. The building is located in a nice area in the historic part of the city and is surrounded by a small but tidy park.

The museum is definitely recommended to everyone interested in Russian history.

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