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Sights to see 12.01.2020
Baumana Street in Kazan
The central pedestrian Bauman Street is one of the oldest and most interesting streets in Kazan. Starting from the Kazan Kremlin, it runs for almost two kilometers up to the Tukai Square.

The street is lined with numerous shops, souvenir stalls, cafes, and restaurants (where you can try various dishes of Tatar, Russian, and European cuisine). It is also rich in monuments including the monuments to the Kazan Cat, Catherine the Great's Carriage, and the Dragon.

The street is busy at all times, day and night. Fountains, beautiful historical buildings, street artists and musicians — there is so much to see and do here, you definitely won’t be bored! If the Kremlin is the heart of the city, Bauman Street is its main artery. You can’t say you were in Kazan unless you walked down it!

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