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Sights to see 25.08.2019
Yusupov Palace
If you have already seen some of the grand palaces and mansions in Saint Petersburg, you might think that seeing ‘just another one’ is not necessary.

That would be a big mistake! The Usupov Palace is so fantastic and gorgeous, it would be a complete waste not to visit it.

Before the October revolution of 1917, the palace belonged to the Usupovs — one of the richest families in Saint Petersburg. A tour around the place allows you to travel back in time and see how noble people of the time lived. And they did live in style! The exquisite interiors with antique statues, huge chandeliers and beautiful mantelpieces are breathtaking!

One more highlight of the place is that it was here, in the basement, that the famous tsar's family healer, the mysterious Grigoriy Rasputin was killed.
Take a guided tour or an audio guide to hear a most interesting story of the palace.

The Usupov Palace is more than just a museum. There is also a small theater there (the Usupov’s former home theater) where you can see operas, ballets and classical music concerts.

All in all, it’s a wonderful experience you will not have anywhere else!
Note that access for individual visitors is now from 21, Dekabristov Street.

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