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Sights to see 06.02.2020
Vitebsky Railway Station
One great place to visit in Saint Petersburg is Vitebsky Vokzal — the first railway station in Russia.

Despite its main purpose of serving southern railway routes, it is also an amazing architectural monument that overwhelms with its beauty.

During its 150-year-old history, Vitebsky Vokzal has evolved from a wooden and then a stone structure to the current building that was constructed in 1904 in Art Nouveau style.

Once you enter the building, you feel like you are traveling back to the early 20th century. The arched forms, the lavish decorations, the paintings and bas-reliefs, the 20-meter ceilings, the tall clocktower, the old-style elevator, and the elaborate metal dome crowning the whole structure — everything looks grandiose and makes you feel like a passenger of the old times.

The railway station has recently been renovated which has made it a still more perfect instagramable spot. Some say, it reminds them of the Eiffel Tower and others are sure the place looks very much like the train station from the Harry Potter saga.

Vitebsky Vokzal has also featured in a number of movies including Anna Karenina.
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