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Sights to see 18.08.2019
The Holy Trinity Alex-Nevsky Lavra
The Holy Trinity Alex-Nevsky Lavra is a male Orthodox monastery on the eastern side of Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg. The first and largest monastery of the city. Since 1797 has the status of laurel. The structure of the architectural complex includes several famous necropolises, where many prominent figures of the XVIII — XIX centuries rest.

The Trinity Cathedral is a cathedral church of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery. It was the capitol temple of the Order of St. Alexander Nevsky.

The Church of the Blessing of the Bogorodica and the Holy Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky is the oldest surviving church in St. Petersburg. Built in 1717-1724 on the territory of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery. The members of the imperial family, political leaders, diplomats, commanders of the XVIII - first third of the XIX century are buried here.

The lower level of the temple is the tomb. Tombstones created by the greatest sculptors of the late XVIII-early XIX centuries.

The original picturesque decoration of the Blagoveshchensk tomb has not survived to this day. The murals were updated in 1839-41 and 1873, but were almost completely destroyed in the 1930s. The wooden floors in the Church of the Annunciation were replaced with stone slabs in 1791.

The official date of foundation of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery is the day of the consecration of the first wooden Church of the Annunciation. It happened on March 25, 1713. And only 2 years later the project of the laurel complex was developed by the architect D. Trezzini.

In May 1723, Peter the Great visited an already established monastery and ordered the relics of Prince Alexander from Vladimir to be transferred to a new capital. The relics of Nevsky were brought to St. Petersburg a year later. According to some legends, Peter I personally brought relics to the monastery. Now it is the main shrine of the laurel.

St. Petersburg, Metro Alexander Nevsky Square. The entrance to the monastery is located on Alexander Nevsky Square, opposite the huge building of the Hotel “Moscow”.

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