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Sights to see 22.09.2020
Semimostye ("Seven Bridges")
The image of St. Petersburg is associated with bridges. One of the brightest site is Semimostye (“Severn Bridges”). A place where seven bridges meet is surrounded by legends and tales.

The entire ensemble can be seen if you approach the Pikalov bridge and stand so that the Nikolsky Cathedral is on your left hand side.

The bridges themselves are Krasnogvardeisky Bridge, behind it along the Griboedov Canal Novo-Nikolsky, clockwise - Staro-Nikolsky, Smezhny, Mogilevsky, Kashin and Torgovy bridges.

When you find yourself there, do not forget to make a wish! It will definitely come true in every detail and with mathematical precision. There is a belief that good wishes made at 7am or 7pm on July 7 come true the fastest.
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