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Sights to see 22.08.2019
New Holland Island
Out of 42 islands in Saint Petersburg, New Holland Island is the only man-made one. Planned by Peter the Great, it was initially used as an industrial area and a place to store lumber for shipbuilding.

Nowadays it’s a completely different story. In recent years, the island has been completely transformed into an ultra-modern art, gourmet and recreational area.

The redbrick historic buildings have been renovated to smoothly blend into St. Petersburg’s ‘old city’ style architecture. The most prominent of the buildings is the former ‘Bottle’ prison — hence the famous Russian saying ‘keep out of the bottle’ meaning ‘don’t look for trouble’. It now houses various street food restaurants (with fresh food and fast service), as well as some upscale ones. There are also designer shops and an exhibition space on the second floor.
The place is extremely stylish, clean, and very well-thought-out. On a tidy lawn with whimsical chairs various outdoor events like concerts, films or yoga classes are held. In winter, the lawn is turned into an ice rink. There are also great play areas for children, a pond ‘inhabited’ by inflatable flamingos and an adjacent small beach space with sun loungers.

The entrance to the island is free and so are the toilets (very clean nonetheless). Other facilities include a bicycle parking lot, a baby changing room, disabled access, smoking areas, an ATM, etc. Everything is signed in English!

Come here for a great chillout experience you have probably never had before!

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