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Sights to see 19.08.2019
Moskovsky Railway Station
Moskovsky railway station (Nikolaevsky until 1924, Oktyabrsky until 1930) - a passenger terminal of St. Petersburg railway station.

One of the five working railway stations of St. Petersburg and one of the four railway stations serving long-distance trains.

The station was built in 1844-1851 by the project of the architect K.A. Ton, with the participation of R.A. Zhelyazevich. It is the “twin” of the Leningradsky railway station in Moscow which was also built by Ton, except differs in some features.

The station building is round and located along the length of Vosstaniya Square. Ton used the motifs of the town halls of Western European cities. The tower with the clock indicates the direction of the main entrance.

Along the perimeter of the facade stretches a low colonnade, which has several entrances to the station building, and in the middle of the building there is a tower with a clock and a flag mounted on it.

Between St. Petersburg and Moscow, run branded trains: “Red Arrow”, “Express”, “Two-Storey Train”, “Megapolis”, “Grand-Express”, “Nevsky Express”, “Sapsan”. Address: St. Petersburg, Vosstania Square, 2.
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