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Sights to see 20.08.2019
Moika Embankment
The Moika Embankment’s history is as old as that of Saint Petersburg. In 1704, the banks of river were fortified and already in 1720, the first wooden embankment was built. No wonder the route is full of history!

The Moika River flows from the Fontanka River at the Summer Garden and falls into the Neva River.

Since the river encircles a good part of the beautiful old city center, just walking along the embankment is a pure pleasure. Although the Moika is only about 5 kilometers long, it is spanned by fifteen bridges, and every bridge and building on the embankment seems to radiate history.

A good way to observe the highlights of the Moika embankment is from the water. Take a guided boat trip to see wonderful views of the Church of the Savior on Blood, the Summer Garden, the Saint Michael's Castle, the Yusupov and Stroganov Palaces, the Kazan Cathedral, the Isaac Cathedral and the Palace Square. You will also be shown the building where the most famous Russian poet Pushkin lived and died. And these are only some of the tourist attractions you will see on your route!

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