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Sights to see 22.08.2019
Mikhailovsky Castle
The Mikhailovsky Castle (St. Michael’s Castle) is located in Sadovaya Street, in the very heart of Saint Petersburg. Now a part of the Russian Museum, the castle is mostly famous for being the last residence of czar Paul I.

The orange-pink building, gorgeous inside and out, is surrounded by a canal and a lovely park. While walking around it, note the little soldier hidden in one of the castle’s walls. If you make a wish and throw a coin at its feet, your wish will come true!

Once you are inside the castle, make sure to rent an audio-guide and learn the most intriguing story of czar Paul’s murder. Cruelly killed only 40 days after moving into the castle, he (or rather his ghost) is said to still haunt the building.

Art lovers and those into Russian history will appreciate the numerous paintings and other works of art displayed in the castle. If you don’t have enough time/energy for something as massive as Hermitage, the Mikhailovsky Castle is your perfect choice.

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