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Sights to see 17.08.2019
Mariinsky Theatre
On the square of St. Petersburg with the beautiful name, Theater Square is standing a famous Mariinsky Theater. Mariinsky Theater of Opera and Ballet is one of the leading musical theaters in the world.

It was built in the middle of the 19th century and survived a fire and a military destruction, but was rebuilt again. The building expanded and gradually acquired a modern look.

The theatre complex includes the main building itself on the Theater Square, the concert hall (since 2006), the second stage on the Kryukov Canal (from 2013) and the branches in Vladivostok (since 2016) and Vladikavkaz (since 2017).

On October 2nd, 1860, the Mariinsky Theater gave its first performance. It was Mikhail Glinka's opera «Life for the Tsar».

The official emblem of the Mariinsky Theater is its curtain. It was made by Alexander Golovin in 1914. The curtain combines at once two art techniques (painting and applique) and repeats the drawing of the train of the dress of Empress Maria Alexandrovna, the wife of Alexander II.

That is why the name of the theatre is Mariinsky (lit. Maria's - Mariinsky). Before the Mariinsky theatre was founded, there was another building -circus theater. It was opened in 1849, but ten years later, it burned down. Both the Circus Theater and the historic Mariinsky building have one architect - the architect Alberto Cavos.

The weight of the bronze three-level chandelier, which hangs in the center of the auditorium, is 2.5 tons. It consists of 210 light bulbs and 23000
crystal pendants.

The picturesque plafond is made according to the sketches of the painter Kozroe Duzi. On the plafond are depicted dancing nymphs and cupids, and surrounded by 12 portraits of great Russian playwriters of the XVIII and XIX centuries. Faces of Fonvizin, Gogol, Ostrovsky remind viewers that initially the
Mariinsky was conceived as a stage for both the opera and dramatic
troupes of the Imperial Theater.

You can get acquainted with the repertoire and buy tickets at the ticket offices of the theater or on the theater's website. Mariinsky -1, Theater Square,1; From 11:00 to 19:00

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