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Sights to see 28.12.2019
Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg
The magnificent Kazan Cathedral lies in the very heart of Saint Petersburg and is no doubt a visiting card of the city. Built in the early 19th century, it does not look like a typical Orthodox cathedral. The huge semicircle building with a malachite green dome and multiple columns has a catholic vibe to it and reminds of St. Peter's Basilica Cathedral in the Vatican.

Of course, there are many traditional Orthodox icons inside, but the walls are also decorated with murals depicting Biblical scenes which is, again, typical for Catholic cathedrals.

The main attraction of the Kazan Cathedral is, no doubt, the wonderworking Kazan Icon of the Mother of God — you will always see people lining in front of it.

Another interesting fact about the cathedral is that it is the resting place of the famous Russian commander Kutuzov who was buried here in 1813.

The Kazan Cathedral has a powerful positive vibe about it and is definitely worth seeing. There is a lovely little square with a fountain and benches in front of it — it’s great to relax there while admiring the grand religious structure on your right and feel the vibrant pulse of Nevsky Prospekt on your left (or vice versa). A total must-visit!

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