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Sights to see 17.08.2019
Anichkov Bridge
The Anichkov Bridge is one of the most famous bridges of St. Petersburg. The bridge itself is not a masterpiece of an architectural thought. The main reason we decided to mention this bridge are magnificent statues of sculptor Peter Klodt.

Initially, it was supposed to decorate the river cross with large vases, for which pedestals were installed. Instead of vases, the sculptor Pyotr Karlovich Klodt created "A horse with a walking young man" and "A young man taking a horse by the bridle". On one side of the bridge, bronze figures were installed, and from the opposite side were placed their plaster twins, painted like bronze.

Gypsum figures were supposed to be replaced by bronze ones, but when the statues were ready, Nicholay I presented them to the Prussian king. Several times Klodt created new statues, and each time the Russian emperor gave them to some European monarch. A few years later, the sculptor decided to put the end to the copying and made new compositions, united by one storyline - “the taming of the horse” and “the victory of a man over the wild power”.

Klodt worked with real horses - a thoroughbred Arabian horse Amalatbek posed him. Klodt's work was assisted by his daughter who forced her horse to take the necessary poses.

Come and see alive: From the metro stations "Gostiny Dvor" or "Nevsky Prospekt" it is necessary to go along the avenue in the direction of increasing the numbering of houses.

Not far from Anichkov Bridge: the Church of the Savior on Blood, Anichkov Palace, the Summer Garden, the Russian Museum, the sculpture of Chizhik-Pyzhik and many others.

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