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Sights to see 29.11.2019
Yamal: The North of Russia
Located in the north of Western Siberia, the Yamal Peninsula is famous for its stunning pristine northern nature and the most interesting culture. It is also the place where 90% of all gas in Russia is extracted.
Here are some things to add to your must-do list once in the area:

— visit the local historical landmarks (including mammoth remains in the permafrost);
— explore the beauty of the magnificent Polar Ural Mountains;
— see the mesmerizing natural phenomena — Northern Lights;
— try out the local hospitality: visit a teepee and taste the northern cuisine;
— learn about the romance of the nomadic lifestyle in severe conditions of the arctic region;
— get acquainted with national applied arts and crafts;
— take a reindeer ride through the snow.

The Advanced program may also include fishing and hunting.
Have you ever experienced anything from the above? If not, don’t hesitate to plan a trip to Yamal!

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