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Sights to see 26.08.2019
Chara Sands
The Chara sands are gigantic sand dunes and hollows going for 50 square kilometers in the foothills of the Kodar ridge.

The Chara sands are surrounded on all sides by larch taiga, pine forest, ernik and marshes. The border between the desert and taiga is quite sharp, there is no transition zone between them. On the border of sandS, there are two lakes - Alenushka and Taezhnoe.

Chara sands - One of the seven wonders of Trans Baikal territory. The sandy massif in the midst of leafy taiga and swamps looks like a mirage. Even more striking is the fact that sands are gradually moving from southwest to northeast.

People come here to see and take pictures of the Trans-Baikal desert with their own eyes. It is better to come here in the summer, because there may be frosts at the end of May, and in September may fall the first snow.

A visit to the tract of Chara sands is often combined with a hike along the Kodar ridge. To visit Kalarsky district for tourist purposes, you need to register with the Emergencies Ministry and pay an environmental fee. This can be done in the district administration or the Kalarsky local history museum.

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