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Sights to see 24.08.2019
Natural Wonders of Russia: Krenitsyn Volcano
The Krenitsyn Volcano is a unique active volcano located on the island of Onekotan of the Great Kuril Ridge. Its approximate height is 1325 meters.

The Krenitsyn volcano is the largest volcano in volcano in the world.

The volcano is located in the center of Sakhalin Lake Koltsevoy. This is the deepest and most turbulent lake, but at the same time the most beautiful, in the Kuril Islands.

In bad weather, the waves on the Lake Koltsevoy reach three meters in height. The lake is surrounded by the walls of the Caldera, which are covered with flowers of amazing beauty.

The maximum depth of this lake reaches 264 meters. The diameter of the giant caldera bowl is more than 7 km., The height of its walls above the lake reaches 500 m.

Krenitsyn Volcano is the most beautiful place of the Kuriles, sadly, it is not accessible to everyone. Only reckless people decide to climb to the top of Krenitsyn.

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