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Sights to see 26.08.2019
Slovenskiye Klyuchi
Slovenskiye Klyuchi is a wonderful landmark not far from the Izborsk Fortress, in a 30-minutes’ ride from Pskov. The 12 springs shoot rights from the rock forming one river (the River of Life!) that falls into the picturesque Gorodischenskoe Lake.

No one knows how old these springs are, but rumors have it they might have been here since the Ice Age and maybe even earlier. The water in the springs is clean and delicious and is said to have healing powers.

There are a lot of legends surrounding the Slovenskiye Klyuchi and, according to one of them, each of the springs is responsible for a certain area of life — health, love, wealth, etc., but no one knows which is which. When you come to take water from the springs, you will naturally choose the one you need the most When Christianity settled in the lands, people also began to call the springs ‘the twelve apostles’.

Gorodischenskoe Lake is quite a gem, too. The views on the peaceful lake with green meadows and dark woods in the distance are amazing. And, of course, the gorgeous white and black swans swimming in the lake add color to the place, too. If you decide to take a picture of them, take care — the birds are so used to being fed by visitors, they may try to snatch your camera/phone from you!

The place feels like a fairy-tale! No wonder it is rated 4.9 on Google reviews. Highly recommended!

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