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Sights to see 25.08.2019
Ostrich Eco-farm
With Izborsk (a small town in Pskov region) being so purely Russian, the ostrich eco-farm with equatorial birds comes as something of a surprise.

But why not welcome the change since you are there? Chances are, you will enjoy your visit! The eco-farm is a unique recreational area where you can observe black African ostriches and learn about their life. Just looking at these gigantic birds that can run as fast as 40 mph (65 km/h) but can’t fly — is a wonderful experience in itself!

The area is tidy, and the ostriches are kept in very good conditions. The entrance fee is 100 rubles. There is a nice café on the territory with cheap and delicious food.

And you can also feed the ostriches! They are very friendly! And so is the staff Apart from ostriches, there are reindeer, sheep, rabbits, and squirrels on the farm. You can buy an ostrich egg as a souvenir. Do not hesitate to add this place to your must-visit list especially if you are travelling with kids. They will love it!

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