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Sights to see 26.08.2019
Where to go from Pskov: Izborsk Fortress
Located in the small town of Izborsk, 30 km to the west from Pskov, is an amazing 14th century fortress. For many centuries, it has protected the northwest Russian borders from invasion. Nowadays the fortress attracts a lot of visitors.

The entrance fee is only 100 rubles. Most of the walls and towers have survived until today and are still in a very good condition. Only one of the towers, the Lukovka, has undergone major renovation. It is now used as an observation deck. You can also climb the walls — and don’t be scared when on descending to the basement you will see a … skeleton! Authentic is authentic!

Another highlight of the fortress is the 14th century Nikolsky Cathedral — beautiful outside and a bit spartan but, at the same time, very pleasant and peaceful inside.

The area is tidy and well-kept. There are two cafés with very delicious Russian food such as pies and pancakes. And having your meal in an old Russian style wooden hut with a real Russian stove does add to the authenticity! You can buy souvenirs nearby.

There are also other attractions in the vicinity — an 11th century cemetery, the Gorodischenskoe Lake with swans and the legendary springs — Slovenskiye Klyuchi. You definitely won’t be bored! Do not miss!

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