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Sights to see 29.11.2019
Veliky Novgorod: the Ancient Center of Russia
Conveniently located between Saint Petersburg and Moscow, Velikiy Novgorod is one of the oldest cities of Russia that has a very interesting history behind it. It was here that the Rurik dynasty was established, so it’s no wonder the city boasts a unique and vast Kremlin complex, as well as other medieval monuments and churches. At the same time, being a rather small city, Velikiy Novgorod has a peaceful and relaxed vibe about it.

The first and foremost attraction of the city is no doubt the Kremlin aka Detinets. The fortress occupies a big clean territory that includes many historical landmarks. The highlights are, perhaps, the Millennium Monument and the eleventh-century Cathedral of St. Sophia.

Other things to do in Velikiy Novgorod include:
— a walk along the picturesque embankment outside the Kremlin,
— a boat trip along the Volkhov River,
— a visit to the nearby open-air museum of wooden architecture Vitoslavitsy (authentic wooden houses, churches, and windmills are all there!),
— a visit to the beautiful eleventh-century orthodox St. George Monastery by the Lake Ilmen.

And these are only some of Velikiy Novgorod’s attractions! If you want to get a real insight into the history of this most interesting Russian city and learn why it’s called the ‘Birthplace of Russia’, the best way to do it is to come and explore it for yourself!

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