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Sights to see 10.07.2020
There is a fabulously beautiful place Near Veliky Novgorod in the middle of the green forests. There, on the highest hill, above the mirror-clear lake, stands the small ancient town of Valdai. Its appearance is a legend itself. But tourists chose this place not only because of its mysterious history, but, first of all, because here you can relax from the bustle of the city, enjoying the unique nature.

There is a legend about the appearance of the place. People retell the story of a handsome young blacksmith who lived above the lake. His name was Valdai. Every morning, he went to the lake where the water reflected his beautiful face, then started bubbling and pronouncing his name. Since then the Lake and the area around was called Valdai, which means clean and bright.

The water in Lake Valdai is crystal clear and always cool. It comes from the springs on its rocky bottom. Three large islands rise above the water surface.

Valdai can be reached from Moscow and from St. Petersburg, but it is better to plan an overnight stay.

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