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Sights to see 15.08.2020
City of the Dead (Dargavs)
Lost in the mountains of North Ossetia, the medieval "City of the Dead" has been shrouded in an aura of secrets and legends for almost seven centuries.
To solve the problem of burying the dead and not wasting fertile land, people chose a rocky slope, unsuitable for grazing animals or growing anything. There they began to build tombs.

Each family had its own family crypt. There are 95 tombs in total. Some are semi-underground, but most are aboveground, two or even four stories high. Each of the tombs contains up to a hundred buried remains. Thus, about 10 thousand people rest in the necropolis.

Each building in the "City of the Dead" has a small square hole-passage. The holes themselves are so small that an adult cannot get through. But, through the passage you can clearly see everything that is inside the crypt.

After 700 years, it became a Mecca for archaeologists, scientists and tourists: all the remains are well preserved, allowing to study the history of ancient peoples.
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