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Sights to see 20.11.2019
The Monument to Alyosha in Murmansk
No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten. These are the words that come to mind when you visit the magnificent monument to Alyosha in Murmansk — the monument to Soviet soldiers who heroically defended the access to Murmansk during WWII.

Located on the very top of a hill, the huge figure is visible from everywhere and is truly impressive.

The view from the hill on the city, the port, and Kola Bay is even more stunning, and the whole place has a powerful vibe. The solemn massive figure and the eternal flame make you think of the great efforts Soviet soldiers put into fighting in severe northern conditions, practically on the rocks.

The monument is well-kept and easily accessible both on foot and by car. Dress warmly — it may get very windy at the top.

On your way back, you can descend to the lake and visit the oceanarium.

The monument to Alyosha is a visiting card of Murmansk and is an absolute must-see. You definitely won’t miss it. Great photos are guaranteed!

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