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Sights to see 20.11.2019
The Cemetery of Wooden Ships in Teriberka
The village of Teriberka is a very unusual place. No doubt, amazingly beautiful, it also has a sad and forlorn vibe about it. Here, in the Barents Sea, a group of wooden ships of the last mid-century found their last resting place.

The winding road from Murmansk to the settlement lies amidst beautiful tundra, hills and numerous lakes, and, as you get closer to the village, the scenery becomes rocky.

The view from the cliffs on the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean beyond the horizon is breath-taking! And the carcasses of the forlorn ships down below add a sad touch to the picture.

The settlement itself looks somewhat deserted, too, which goes in tune with the lonely spirit of the ships. The place may stir contradictory emotions, but whatever they are, you can’t deny its strong vibe and enigmatic aura

By the way, Teriberka featured in the award-winning Russian film Leviathan!

Do not hesitate to plan a visit, preferably at low tide to get a better view of the ships. There is also a waterfall nearby — don’t miss it, too!

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