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Sights to see 20.11.2019
Snow Village in Khibiny (Kirovsk)
Have you ever been in a snowy fairytale? If not, you just have to visit the Snow Village located at the foot of the Khibiny Mountains, not far from the town of Kirovsk!

The village is huge and made solely of ice and snow, even the furniture — everything! There are also many snow sculptures and bas-reliefs from various fairytales, fantasies, and myths. The snow figures are elaborated to perfection and beautifully illuminated — you’ll be impressed!

There are also other attractions on site. For instance, you can take a ride in a snowmobile or whizz down a huge snow slide in inflatable ‘doughnuts’.

Besides, there is a souvenir shop, a low-priced café, and a ski slope nearby. You definitely won’t be bored for at least half a day!

The Snow Village is the perfect entertainment for both children and grow-ups. Just don’t forget to dress warmly!

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