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Sights to see 28.12.2019
Seydozero is a mesmerizingly beautiful mystical lake in the very center of the Kola Peninsula. Surrounded by silent rocks, dark firtrees, and dwarf birches, it is said to be inhabited by ghosts and not only good-natured ones.

There are no buildings, roads or mobile connection in the area. The local Saami people try to stay away from the place and don’t recommend visitors to come near it. But, as the saying goes, the forbidden fruit is the sweetest, so the most daring tourists take the challenging route to the lake. As a reward, they get to see the black image of the evil spirit Kuiva on the rocks.

If hiking, mysteries, and northern nature are your things, do not miss the opportunity to visit Seydozero Lake and see the remains of the long-lost Hyperborean civilization. Chances are, you’ll have an unforgettable experience!

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